Buenos Aires: Nucha!

Oh, happy day! Out this morning walking the dog with the hombrecito, we passed what has been until today a construction site. Not just any construction site, mind you, but one for the mecca of incredible desserts here in BsAs. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…Nucha.

The Nucha that I’d been to, which is in Palermo Viejo, is a tiny little shop with about 10 small tables. This new branch, which, ahem, is a less-than-5-minute walk from mi casa, is enormous. Cavernous, if you will. Double-height ceilings, glass walls, spacious tables and, most importantly, the desserts! Oh my. They have the requisite dulce de leche-laden fare, including a gooey dark chocolate and DDL bar, but also incredible lemon squares, decadent chocolate mousse bars and, of course, alfajores. Oh, and they do excellent mini empanadas, which would be great for a cocktail party, and also delicious tartas (kind of like a savory tart, but with a flour/empanada crust as opposed to a puffed pastry one).

This has just made me realize that I need to try some empanada and tarta recipes, although it’s rather hard to make all these things when they’re so readily available, tasty and super cheap (as in less than a dollar for an empanada). I also need to share with you my healthier version of lemon squares. I think I need to make those very soon. Soooo good. But for now, I’ll just have to choke down a slightly less healthy version from Nucha. (And yes, you get a lovely little dark chocolate filled with dulce de leche and an orange juice with your cafe con leche. Muy bien.)

Muchas gracias, Nucha, y bienvenidos al barrio!